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Know the Importance of Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

While it’s normal for pregnant women to gain weight during the 9-month period, managing the amount of weight added to the body is important to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Besides, gaining too much weight while pregnant will make it harder for a mother to reclaim her body after giving birth to her newborn. Understanding the

Know About Pregnancy-Safe Sunscreens and What Ingredients to Avoid

Pregnant women should expect that major changes will occur in their body, including their skin, which makes it important to examine their skin care brands, Their main concern is to ensure that they do not contain chemical ingredients that could adversely affect the development of their unborn child. Sunscreens for one are chemical based products,

Anovulation : The Most Common Cause of Female Infertility

A common cause of infertility among women is anovulation, a condition in which the levels of certain hormones that work together toward ovulation isn’t right. When such condition is not due to age or genetics, most cases of anovulation in women simply require eating the right food, whilst avoiding the wrong ones. Yet changing one’s

Why Pregnant European Women are at Risk of Developing Maternal Obesity

While pregnancy can make women vulnerable to the risks of gaining too much weight, recent studies show that most European women enter pregnancy with high BMI. The recent study findings have raised concerns since those with high prenatal BMI are likely to develop maternal obesity that can lead to adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes. Moreover,

Muscle Cramps During Pregnancy and the Dangers of Self-Medication

Muscle cramps in the lower extremities is common among pregnant women, mainly because of hormonal changes and the weight of the child they carry in their womb. However, expecting mothers should be aware that they cannot just self-medicate while in their pregnant condition, particularly with drugs that contain prohibited substances even if they can be

Low Testosterone Levels: Its Impact on Fertility, Causes and Treatments

A male partner’s low testosterone level can affect a couple’s ability to conceive since testosterone is a key male hormone that can influence sperm production. Medically termed as hypogonadism, this disorder can also reduce a man’s sex drive, which at worst, can lead to erectile dysfunction. While most physicians had previously included prescriptions for anabolic

Important Things to Understand about Postpartum Weight Loss

While some new mothers want to speed up their postpartum weight loss to bring their body back to its pre-pregnancy form, they should use only safe methods. Doctors give advice for women who just went through childbearing and birthing processes to wait until their body recovers internally. Since a pregnant body takes a beating during

How to Get Rid of Postnatal Loose and Crepey Belly Skin

Loose and crepey skin around the belly after pregnancy is bound to happen, but it’s something you can prevent from becoming a permanent blight on your body. It’s normal for the skin around your stomach to loosen after giving birth, but you don’t have to let the stretch marks stay as there are ways to