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Supplement: Getting Pregnant While Overweight

People who are overweight and have been trying to conceive for a long time are often advised to lose weight. Does being overweight play a role in getting pregnant? Basically, it is important to say, even if you are overweight, it is possible to get pregnant. However, it is also true that excess body fat

Dietary Supplements: Obesity And Pregnancy

Being overweight during pregnancy poses a health risk for both the expectant mother and the child. Do you weigh too much and want a baby? Then it is best to use the time before pregnancy to create a healthy basis for your offspring. Before pregnancy, it is better to check your weight to avoid risks

Pregnant While Obese – Know the Pregnancy Complication Risks

According to the NMIHS, being overweight or obese during pregnancy is common, of which about 6%-14% will likely stay that way within one year after delivery. Actually, becoming overweight or obese during pregnancy should be avoided because such a condition can cause pregnancy complications. If you are overweight or obese and want to get pregnant,

Obesity and Its Adverse Impact on Fertility

Obesity or excessive weight can affect both male and female fertility, due to a combInation of several factors that cause hormonal imbalance and health issues. The good news though is that shedding even a moderate 5% to 10% of body weight, can help improve fertility and increase chances of conceiving. How Does Excess Weight Lower