Supplement: Getting Pregnant While Overweight

Supplement: Getting Pregnant While Overweight

People who are overweight and have been trying to conceive for a long time are often advised to lose weight.

Does being overweight play a role in getting pregnant?

Basically, it is important to say, even if you are overweight, it is possible to get pregnant. However, it is also true that excess body fat can make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Whether and how “easily” someone becomes pregnant is very individual and depends on many factors. It is therefore difficult to give figures on the probability of becoming pregnant and the weight. However, it is observed that the higher the BMI or the degree of obesity, the more difficult it is often to fulfill the desire to have children, and there are understandable reasons for this.

How can obesity affect the desire to have children?

In order to become pregnant, egg cells must mature and ovulation must take place. These processes can be impaired, for example, by increased blood sugar levels and the associated increased release of insulin.

Can being overweight affect pregnancy?

Being overweight can also make itself felt during pregnancy. This is another reason why gynecologists often recommend losing weight before you get pregnant. Obese people are more likely to experience the following symptoms during pregnancy:

  • high blood pressure
  • gestational diabetes
  • the increased risk that the child will later be overweight and develop diabetes and/or high blood pressure

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Is it helpful to lose weight to get pregnant?

Because there are many factors that affect fertility and getting pregnant, losing weight is no guarantee of getting pregnant. However, losing weight can be a sensible move and increase your chances. Therefore, a desire to have children is a good motivation to lose weight.

However, it also depends on how you lose weight. Crash diets and starvation diets are strongly discouraged, as these in turn can have a negative impact on hormones and many other negative effects, such as constant hunger and the yo-yo effect. To avoid this, read Alpilean reviews and learn how to lose weight without risking your health.

Influence of obesity on sperm and testosterone

Obesity can lead to impaired sperm count and motility. This can make successful insemination, i.e. the fertilization of the egg by a sperm, more difficult. The sex hormone testosterone can also decrease as a result of being overweight, which in turn can lead to erectile dysfunction. Losing weight has a positive effect here and can restore full potency.