Connection Of Weight And Reproductive Health

Connection Of Weight And Reproductive Health

In order to have a healthy child and be a responsible parent, you should think about your health even before trying to conceive. This happens with a healthier lifestyle, diet, enough movement, and sleep. In this regard, a woman’s weight is of particular importance for the chances of pregnancy. Both the most accumulated kilograms and those below the norm can negatively affect the process. But not every expectant mother realizes this.

How does obesity affect female fertility?

It is a fairly common reason for women not being able to conceive. Sometimes it takes months, and for some years, until they discover that their main problem is that they eat more and they need to get rid of the accumulated pounds. And the main argument for this is that they can lead to a lack of ovulation or an irregular cycle. That is why conception does not occur the first time.

When a woman does not ovulate regularly, it goes hand in hand with a weight problem and difficulty conceiving. The ovaries produce the hormone estrogen. But the same applies to fat cells in the body, which increase obesity. When there is an excess of them in it, the body also produces more estrogen. Just like when a woman takes birth control or is pregnant. In both conditions, the hormone is in excess and can interrupt ovulation.

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How does being underweight affect female fertility?

People who are underweight or extremely thin have fewer fat cells. Therefore, their bodies produce less estrogen than others. And just as ovulation is inhibited by too much of this sex hormone, so too is too little estrogen.

Medications that are often prescribed for infertility stimulate ovulation. They work effectively with underweight women. And their eggs can be fertilized and lead to a healthy pregnancy just like in people of “normal” weight. However, when the mother-to-be is very weak, there is a risk to the baby. Therefore, she needs weight gain advice before she even starts trying to conceive.