When Scents and Pregnancy Do Not Agree

When Scents and Pregnancy Do Not Agree

During the first trimester of pregnancy, an expecting mother will notice that her sense of smell has heightened; causing her to feel dizzy and nauseous. Actually, it’s one of the drawbacks of an otherwise joyful experience. In addition to the morning sickness a pregnantn mother goes through in the first three months of conceiving, the faintest smell could come on so strong it makes a pregnant woman feel giddy she could throw up.

Thankfully, the experience is short lived because as the pregnancy progresses, the pregnancy hormones, especially the estrogen will have less reactions to every scent that goes through the nostrils. However, going through stressful experiences repeatedly and frequently could have an impact on the fetus developing inside the womb. It would be best therefore to know what and how to minimize, if not avoid the smell-related side effect.

1. Cook and eat the kind of food that do not have pungent smell by nature. This denotes you have to refrain from using spices and strong-smelling condiments for a while.

2. As much as possible, stay in areas where you can breathe in fresh air for longer periods.

3. Always keep your surroundings clean and have a change of clothes more often than usual, since odors tend to hold onto fibers

4. Since nasal congestion is another issue common during pregnancy, use a saline nasal spray to help clear the blockage and allow you to breathe easily.

5. Temporarily stop using strong smelling perfumes, lotions, sunscreens,  and deodoratms. Switch to using lightly-scented or unscented variants of toiletries and cosmetics.

6. Try inhaling calming and relaxing scents like lavender, lemon, mint or cinnamon, which are available as essential oils used in aromatherapy.

7. If your nose can’t stand the perfume your husband is currently wearing, ask him to stop using it for the time being. You could probably buy him one of those fragrances that make use of essential oils known for their healing and calming effects.

Consider Using Fragrances Made from Essential Oils with Medicinal Properties

Actually, it might interest you to know that recent scientific researches concluded that scents with medicinal and soothing properties bring on health benefits on the body’s nervous, endocrine and immune systems and psychological makeup.

Modern manufacturer of perfume Xerjoff, has a eau de parfum line called Xerjoff Naxos, named after the ancient Greek island that has long been famous for the use of essential oils to promote vitality and for spiritual meditations, The XERJOFF – XJ 1861 – NAXOS, is one of the best selling variants, as its fragrance was developed from a combination of lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla, cashmeran, citrus, bergamot, tonka bean and tobacco.