How to Get Rid of Postnatal Loose and Crepey Belly Skin

How to Get Rid of Postnatal Loose and Crepey Belly Skin

Loose and crepey skin around the belly after pregnancy is bound to happen, but it’s something you can prevent from becoming a permanent blight on your body. It’s normal for the skin around your stomach to loosen after giving birth, but you don’t have to let the stretch marks stay as there are ways to get rid of postnatal crepey skin. Also, you don’t have to wait until after you have given birth, as there are some preventive measures to help avoid having too much loose and wrinkled belly skin.

Controlling Weight Gain and Exercising During Pregnancy

First and foremost is to heed your doctor’s advice against gaining too much weight during the child bearing stage. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with more than just your belly skin since other parts of your body will also expand. Actually, doctors nowadays recommend moderately intense exercise even for pregnant women, to help minimize too much weight gain, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

The Office on Women’s Health (OWH) supports this advocacy and has given assurance that exercising while pregnant is safe, as long as one does not overdo it. The office has noted that pregnant women who exercised at least 2.5 hours every week, were able to keep their weight gain at a moderate level; allowing them to quickly return to their pre-pregnancy weight.

The OWH says the safest way to exercise is to enroll in a class in which the exercises are tailored specifically for pregnant women.

Improving Skin Elasticity through Massage

As your belly grows to accommodate the developing and growing fetus, help improve the skin’s elasticity by massaging your belly with cream or oil. Gently rubbing the skin helps in promoting blood circulation and stimulating the collagen and elastin-producing cells, known as fibroblasts . Doing so can help firm the skin even as it undergoes stretching. After the baby’s delivery, your tummy will still have loose skin but it will look less wrinkled or crepey.

Erasing Postnatal Crepey Skin

Post natal sagging skin alway happens but this is something you can correct through proper diet and regular exercise once you are already up and fit after the delivery. In the meantime, keep rubbing your belly skin with cream or oil to help keep it firm and supple.

However, the wrinkled or crepey look will need more than exercise to correct as you have to help boost collagen production in order to bring the crepey skin back to its normal appearance. Moreover, the time it will take for crepey skin to regain a smoother appearance also depends on several factors such as age, genetics and/ or lifestyle, which includes smoking.

While not all pregnant women were able to take preventive actions that could have minimized the crepey appearance of their post-childbirth belly skin, their use of an anti-aging cream thereafter, helped smoothen out the wrinkles away. After all, anti-aging skin care systems are developed as collagen supplementation to boost skin elasticity and increase hydration.

The great news is that if there is one brand of anti-aging skin care formulation that has been proven effective in treating loose, crepey skin, it’s the Crepe Erase brand. This brand recognizes that loose and crepey skin can happen at any age and on any part of the body. Aside from restorative facial treatments, the Crepe Erase skin care system includes hydrating lotions, body polish, body scrubs and dietary supplements.

Based on Crepe Erase reviews, its TruFirm formula, consists of Vitamin E, Shea butter, cocoa butter, cassava plant extract, beeswax and anti-aging hydration oils. The technology has been awarded a patent for its efficiency in rejuvenating loose and crepey skin.