Naturally Potent for Fertility: Myth Or Truth

Naturally Potent for Fertility: Myth Or Truth

Since time immemorial there have been home remedies and formulas that are supposed to improve sexual performance in men. But what is really true about natural sexual enhancers like what you can find in?

Herbal substances to increase potency

Korean ginseng, maca from the Peruvian Andes, the African potency wood yohimbine or the tropical trumpet thorn, these herbal substances have been known to increase potency for many centuries. In western spheres, they are mainly to be found in dietary supplements especially for men.

Numerous studies seem to prove their effectiveness, but it is worth taking a closer look. Since traditional herbal medicinal products and dietary supplements are not subject to strict licensing requirements like drugs, the quality of many studies is poor. Frequent drawback; the studies are only based on animal experiments, or the number of study participants is extremely small.

A review that checked the quality of the existing studies came to the conclusion. The potency-increasing effect of most herbal products has not been scientifically proven. Mild effects can only be demonstrated for ginseng and yohimbine. However, experts consider the effect to be too small to treat severe erectile dysfunction.

Unwanted effects of herbal substances

Herbal medicines can also be associated with undesirable side effects and lead to interactions when taking other medications. Always discuss the intake with your doctor.

In the case of erectile dysfunction, the assumption of costs by the statutory health insurance companies is also excluded by law for herbal remedies and for dietary supplements.

Fertility potency: Sex food

Casanova swore by oysters to increase his virility. Asparagus, chilli and bananas are also said to have a lust-increasing effect. Is it possible that their reputation is just because of their looks, or is there more to it?

In fact, oysters and asparagus provide plenty of zinc. If the body lacks this nutrient, it can have a negative effect on testosterone production. However, there is no evidence that increased zinc intake improves sexual performance. Men without zinc deficiency in particular are unlikely to benefit from it.

The situation is similar to the other foods. Chilli contains capsaicin, which promotes blood circulation. Bananas are rich in potassium, which can dilate the blood vessels. These are important prerequisites for healthy potency. However, there is no evidence of a direct connection.