What To Look For In Mushrooms During Pregnancy

What To Look For In Mushrooms During Pregnancy

The wide variety of mushrooms can give you a wide choice as a mother-to-be. The only question that remains is whether mushrooms are an option for you as food at this particular time.

Are mushrooms allowed during pregnancy?

Mushrooms are allowed during pregnancy and can be a source of needed substances not only for you but your child as well. They contain important vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Although they can also convince in terms of taste, not all edible mushrooms are unreservedly recommendable.

On the one hand, you should pay attention to the preparation during pregnancy. Most edible mushrooms are difficult to digest raw. On the other hand, you shouldn’t enjoy wild mushrooms too often, as they can be polluted with environmental toxins.

For these three reasons, you will benefit from mushrooms during pregnancy

The variety of mushrooms ranges from microscopic species to the largest and oldest living organism known to man.

Edible mushrooms are only a small part of the huge family of mushrooms. With them, however, you get important ingredients during pregnancy that you can use.

Edible mushrooms can:

  • be low in calories and contain complex carbohydrates that are well suited for diabetics;
  • bring numerous essential minerals and vitamins to the menu;
  • support your metabolism and have a positive effect on blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

In view of the positive properties of mushrooms, it is not surprising that, alongside medicinal herbs, they are part of nature’s pharmacy. They play an important role in all cultures across the globe.

Traditional Chinese medicine in particular knows numerous types of mushrooms that not only taste good but also promote health during pregnancy. Oyster mushrooms have been shown to strengthen the immune system of pregnant women and have anti-inflammatory effects, and the Shiitake mushroom is both anti-carcinogenic and anti-viral.

In your pregnancy, however, you should pay close attention to the type and preparation. Many edible mushrooms are difficult to digest raw or inedible and wild mushrooms should only end up on your plate as an exception.

Mushrooms that you can find at https://originmushrooms.com/are regularly checked by food authorities. Here you can count on the fact that the limit values ​​for pollutants are not exceeded. Nevertheless, you should only enjoy dishes with wild mushrooms every two or three months during pregnancy.