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"We tried the ovulation sticks for several months which was basically a daily guessing game" from North Carolina

My husband and I tried getting pregnant for 2 years. We tried the ovulation sticks for several months which was basically a daily guessing game. I was doing some research on the internet when I came across the OV Watch website and decided to try it. We got pregnant in the 4th month of trying with the OV Watch. We had our daughter in April 2008. Thank you OV Watch.

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OV Watch Ovulation Predictor

OV-Watch ovulation predictor is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared. It is a lightweight, wrist–mounted, chloride ion-sensing medical device. It works entirely different from the LH urine kits and BBT. It senses the chloride ion surge on the surface of your skin that comes approximately 6 days before you ovulate. That surge is an earlier indication of pending ovulation than LH. OV-Watch provides you your entire fertility window- the 4 days before and your time of ovulation. Utilizing your entire fertile window when you are trying to conceive makes all the difference. The primary benefit of monitoring and utilizing your complete Fertility Window is that you maximize your probability of conceiving. Assuming that you have intercourse during the 4 days before ovulation, studies have shown that you more than double your chances of conceiving that month. Learn mroe about the OV Watch ovulation predictor by reading our FAQs.