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"If you have been stressed or anxious regarding your fertility, the OV Watch is a perfect way to relax, learn more about your body and cycle and enjoy" from Pennsylvania

I bought the OV Watch after I had been off of birth control for over a year and no baby. I turned 27 this year and thought that within a year pregnancy would just happen - how hard could it be? Well, after a year passed I started to get nervous and that's when I began researching our options. I really did not understand my cycle and thought that I was irregular. I didn't realize that women could have cycles longer than 28 days and could still be "regular". I didn't have a clue as to how long my cycle was or when I would ovulate, so I didn't feel comfortable investing in an ovulation kit that required me to guess when I should urinate on a stick. I was very excited when I found the OV Watch! I got the watch and programmed it on the 1st day of my period. I set the cycle to the longest possible - 39 days. On day 16 I woke up to the most exciting words I had seen in a while - Fertile Day 1!! Yippee - I wasn't broken!! I wasn't sure how often we needed to have sex and there weren't really any suggestions on the OV Watch site. We had intercourse every other day in the Fertile Days and on each day of OV (Ovulation). To my surprise, on September 12 the + sign showed on a pregnancy test! We are due in May and could not be more excited or relieved! I have 2 extra sensors - I expected it would take a few months! If you have been stressed or anxious regarding your fertility, the OV Watch is a perfect way to relax, learn more about your body and cycle and enjoy making a baby. I considered it a less expensive 1st step than going to see a Fertility Specialist. I knew that it might be necessary, but wanted to try on my own once more and I figured the OV Watch gave me that opportunity. It's worth the money - it's small, comfortable and accurate! GOOD LUCK and happy baby making!!

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OV Watch Ovulation Predictor

OV-Watch ovulation predictor is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared. It is a lightweight, wrist–mounted, chloride ion-sensing medical device. It works entirely different from the LH urine kits and BBT. It senses the chloride ion surge on the surface of your skin that comes approximately 6 days before you ovulate. That surge is an earlier indication of pending ovulation than LH. OV-Watch provides you your entire fertility window- the 4 days before and your time of ovulation. Utilizing your entire fertile window when you are trying to conceive makes all the difference. The primary benefit of monitoring and utilizing your complete Fertility Window is that you maximize your probability of conceiving. Assuming that you have intercourse during the 4 days before ovulation, studies have shown that you more than double your chances of conceiving that month. Learn mroe about the OV Watch ovulation predictor by reading our FAQs.