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"First month!!!!!!" from Clarksville, TN

After several months of irregular cycles and temping, I decided to buy the ov watch along with fertilaid. The first cycle I had under 40 days, I strapped on the watch. I wore the watch as directed the first month, anxiously testing it every night to make sure I was getting a reading. Finally, I got a fertile reading. A few days after I got a fertile reading I took a break from temping. We baby danced fertile days 1 through 4 & I waited anxiously for next few weeks. I tested the day my period was due, negative. I tested again a week later, still negative. After conceding for the month, I made an appointment to see my doctor about my irregular cycles and started charting again. I was prescribed clomid & and my Husband had to do a semen analysis. We were going to have to wait for the results of the semen analysis and starting a new cycle before I could start the clomid. The last few days I have been feeling funny and my bbt was unusually high. My husband went for his SA yesterday. Just for the heck of it I took a test this morning. BFP!!! We just found out Im about 7 weeks with the first month using the watch!!!!

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OV Watch Ovulation Predictor

OV-Watch ovulation predictor is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared. It is a lightweight, wrist–mounted, chloride ion-sensing medical device. It works entirely different from the LH urine kits and BBT. It senses the chloride ion surge on the surface of your skin that comes approximately 6 days before you ovulate. That surge is an earlier indication of pending ovulation than LH. OV-Watch provides you your entire fertility window- the 4 days before and your time of ovulation. Utilizing your entire fertile window when you are trying to conceive makes all the difference. The primary benefit of monitoring and utilizing your complete Fertility Window is that you maximize your probability of conceiving. Assuming that you have intercourse during the 4 days before ovulation, studies have shown that you more than double your chances of conceiving that month. Learn mroe about the OV Watch ovulation predictor by reading our FAQs.