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"So this just shows you to not necessarily listen to your Dr and go with your gut instinct." from Michigan

This watch really works! Wow! Let me tell you a little bit about me. My husband and I have been TTC for about 9 months with no luck... went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with PCOS. I am also not the "typical pcos woman" I was not over-weight, no acne, and no facial hair, I just had polycycstic ovaries. I was told that my chances were diminshed because of this but that many people would still eventually get pregnant and to not lose hope. I was put on clomid on month 13. I took 100 mg on cd 4-8 and went in for my ultrasound on cd 13 and the dr said I still have lots of cysts on the right but on my left I had one follicle... ONE!!! That was 12-13mm follicle and she said I hate to say it but you want it to be a 18-20mm follicle by this time so you probably wont ovulate. I left upset and she gave me a prescription for a higher dosage... 150 mg! For some reason I just didnt want to believe her. I read on the internet that the follicle gros 1-2mm a day so I kept home. I wore my watch at night starting on day 1 and on day 15 I had a reading on my watch that said fetile day 1...... I couldnt believe it! so we did the deed every other day starting on fertile day 2, fertile day 4, and then Ovulation day... I had one OPK left and took it at night and it came up positive cd 20 which matched with the watch! I couldnt believe it! I was also praying lots as well :) Well about 7 DPO I started cramping like AF was coming but she never showed. I cramped for 3-4 straight and knew something was up. I asked me boss to leave work and went to Target and bought a test and sure enough it came up positive right away! So this just shows you to not necessarily listen to your Dr and go with your gut instinct. I was also getting accupuncture done but I truly believe it was because of the watch and it telling us when I was fertile. Good luck, I only needed to use one sensor!! IT works!!!!!!!

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OV Watch Ovulation Predictor

OV-Watch ovulation predictor is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared. It is a lightweight, wrist–mounted, chloride ion-sensing medical device. It works entirely different from the LH urine kits and BBT. It senses the chloride ion surge on the surface of your skin that comes approximately 6 days before you ovulate. That surge is an earlier indication of pending ovulation than LH. OV-Watch provides you your entire fertility window- the 4 days before and your time of ovulation. Utilizing your entire fertile window when you are trying to conceive makes all the difference. The primary benefit of monitoring and utilizing your complete Fertility Window is that you maximize your probability of conceiving. Assuming that you have intercourse during the 4 days before ovulation, studies have shown that you more than double your chances of conceiving that month. Learn mroe about the OV Watch ovulation predictor by reading our FAQs.