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OV-Watch: The fertility predictor that tracks a woman’s individual cycle to increase chances of conception

Many women are having difficulty conceiving. OV-Watch may be exactly what these women need.

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Advanced Technology

OV-Watch® fertility predictor is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared.

Advanced Notice

OV-Watch notifies you of the 4 days before ovulation which result in the highest probability of pregnancy.

Advanced Results

66% more pregnancies are estimated to occur with OV-Watch over LH based urine sticks*.

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We’re Here To Help

We understand getting pregnant can be difficult and frustrating. Understand you are not alone as many couples, perhaps more than you may think, share this problem. We want you to know that the OV-Watch team is here to help you achieve your pregnancy objectives because your success, is also our success. The key to achieving conception is knowing your entire fertile cycle and knowing the days that intercourse has the highest probability of leading to conception.

Understand that waiting until the day of ovulation is often too late for many couples, which is why you may be frustrated with LH-based fertility prediction products. The OV-Watch will tell you when your fertile window begins and will provide you four days advanced notice of your ovulation. This will provide you plenty of time to plan your conception activities in a non-stressful environment.



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