Using Steroids for Pregnant Women actually Helps

Using Steroids for Pregnant Women actually Helps

If you are a regular user of online steroids Canada and happens to find you’re pregnant or perhaps, becoming pregnant, then you must immediately tell your doctor about it. While it sounds scary to take steroids during pregnancy, it is completely safe. In reality, any expecting mothers could take steroids for a number of different pre-existing conditions similar to skin problems, lupus and asthma. However, just be sure that you’re following the recommended dosage.

What’s the Essence of Steroids for Pregnant Women?

In the early stages of pregnancy, which is normally throughout the first trimester, steroids are normally prescribed as a way to treat fetal abnormalities or recurring miscarriages. OB-GYN doctors frequently write prescription of steroid drugs called as corticosteroids, which is intended for preterm labor.

Babies who are born before their full term are at great risk of suffering respiratory distress and worse, death. This is primarily because of the underdeveloped lungs. The presence of steroids helps in expediting lung development of preterm babies while also increasing their odds of survival.

Apart from that, steroids help in lowering the risks for brain hemorrhage as well as bowel disorders otherwise known as NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis among premature babies.

How do Steroids help?

According to doctors and other researchers as well, steroids can bring a number of benefits to pregnant women similar to the following:

  • Assist in boosting baby’s lungs to mature which in result allow it to handle the outside atmosphere
  • Help in developing different organs as well as body parts of premature babies quicker
  • Improve health conditions among pregnant women, especially those who have skin disorders, lupus and asthma
  • Intestines of premature babies are weak and underdeveloped and by introducing steroids, it protects the baby from bowel issues and intestinal infections

The Recommended Dosage

While we have mentioned that steroids can be taken by pregnant women, it is important to emphasize that it will only become effective if taken in proper dosage. So with that in mind, what is the appropriate dosage to fully maximize its benefits?

  1. In the event of preterm labor, then the minimum dosage given by doctors are two which is given at either 12 or 24 hours apart
  2. If needed, the dose might be repeated after it’s been taken after few weeks before
  3. The doctor might actually suggest taking steroids on a weekly basis until such time they see it is not needed. However, this rarely happens.