Sleeping During Pregnancy | Adjustable Bed Benefits for Pregnant Women

Sleeping During Pregnancy | Adjustable Bed Benefits for Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant and about to become a mother, you are tired above average. So you want to sleep more, and you really need your sleep! It is therefore difficult that ailments such as heartburn, back pain, muscle cramps, and shortness of breath often keep you out of sleep… How do you ensure that you do not lie awake for too long and that you still get enough sleep – even towards the end of your pregnancy?

Choose the right bed during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of immense change for your body. You’ll be changing your posture, moving your body in ways that you’ve never moved it before. It’s important to find a bed that allows you to move as freely as possible.

Choose a bed with a frame that provides enough support for your body. Choose a bed that is firm enough to provide support but soft enough to give you the kind of comfortable sleep you need. An adjustable bed can provide all these and allows zero-gravity position that allows comfort during the stages of pregnancy.

Sleep benefits of adjustable beds for pregnant women

Sleep benefits of adjustable mattress bases offer so much comfort for pregnant women from the first to the third trimester.

If you are looking for comfort during pregnancy, the adjustable beds have it! The flexible shapes and extra cushioning bring proper support. Makers of adjustable beds come up with new designs that offer multiple positions, there will be no need to move around in bed. These beds allow you to adjust yourself comfortably in a variety of positions.

There are specific designs especially made for pregnant women: The maternity, the fixed position and the maternity wedge. Thus, you can expect a good support during the first trimester, as well as being able to make use of it in the second and third trimesters. The design features an extra large area with easy access to the bed.

Specific adjustable beds for pregnant women are designed with an extra wide area, which gives a great deal of freedom in positioning and added support to allow pregnant women to sleep soundly throughout their entire pregnancy

Advisable sleeping positions for pregnant women

In one position you have back pain, in the other you can’t breathe and in yet another, your stomach is in the way. Which position is most comfortable for you during your pregnancy?

Sleeping on your back
Sleeping on the back is a favorite position of many women, although it often causes back pain. Breathing also takes more effort and there is considerable weight on your organs and blood vessels. The back position is therefore not ideal for the health of you and your baby. You will do your digestion, hemorrhoids, blood pressure and circulation a favor if you lie down differently!

Sleeping on your stomach
Is sleeping on your stomach better? As far and as long as possible, yes. This will also go well in the first months of your pregnancy. Later on, your stomach gets in the way, and it’s almost impossible to lie on your stomach. It is best to get used to sleeping on your side as soon as possible.

Sleeping on your side
This is by far the most suitable sleeping position when you are pregnant. You and your baby will not suffer from anything in this position, and you can support your belly well. It is best to sleep on your left side. This way your baby gets the maximum amount of blood and nutrition. You are most comfortable with your knees pulled up and a pillow between your legs. Tip: purchase a pregnancy pillow. You can use this again later when feeding your baby.

Sleeping patterns during pregnancy
In the first three months, many women sleep a lot. It makes sense to give in to this as much as possible, because your body is working hard. In the second trimester, most women are full of energy and they can take on the whole world. To sleep? Waste of time and still possible! During the last three months, the average pregnant woman has the most sleeping problems. Then you often suffer from your bulging stomach and the pressure on your bladder. While seven to eight hours of sleep a night might have been enough for you before your pregnancy, that is different in your pregnancy. Listen to your body and take the rest where necessary. If necessary, take a power nap in the afternoon. Then you can go back to it afterwards!

More tips to help pregnant women get enough sleep
Do you want to give in to your fatigue and have you found the best sleeping position? Maybe these extra tips will help you to sleep relaxed and wake up fit during your pregnancy!

  • Extra cushions provide support where you need it now. E.g. between your bent legs, behind your back or under your feet;
  • Do you have a hard time falling asleep? First take a warm shower or bath, do your (pregnancy) yoga exercises or read a book;
  • Fresh air helps with shortness of breath and nausea. So make sure you have a well- ventilated bedroom.