Pregnancy 101: The Meaning of Post Natal Confinement

Pregnancy 101: The Meaning of Post Natal Confinement


To a degree maternity and post-natal clinics and taboos continue to be adhered to by the Malays, Chinese and Indians no matter their history, convention reigns in Malaysia. The majority of the so called ‘taboos’ may seem ridiculous and no one can provide us a fantastic explanation why this that is performed, but if you look at it carefully, there’s a really sound sensible cause of every taboo that somehow have been missing through recent years.

What is Confinement

The month is thought to be a period of illness and possible death, of threat to the infant and mother. This is because through the post-partum period after pregnancy the bodily classification changes into some period of when her body is at the weakest and Chinese girls of the mother must stick to a schedule which is made up of cultural practices developed to decrease this threat.

Traditional Confinement in Asian Countries

In accordance with ancient Chinese text, girls who follow the customs are thought to be ‘performing the month’ if her infant and the mum are confined to their area. It’s most likely from here that the term “confinement” is debated. Officially, the confinement period is 30 days culminating with a major feast referred to as “full moon” feast when people come bearing gifts for the infant.

The custom of washing and not bathing hair are clear since in China everybody has hair and it takes a very long time after washing to wash the hair. Additionally, most of the homes are draughty not or so it’s not difficult to catch a glow if during confinement. Grandmothers and our moms declare that month should you bath throughout the confinement pains will be developed by you.

 The fantastic thing is that the interval for not bathing was decreased to fourteen days. Who accomplishes this, nobody understands! The tub water infused and must be boiled with water from herbs. Somewhere over the decades a person introduced the custom of bathing using an entire mixture of herbs from the water like serai, limau perut, daun kunyit etc. This is from being subjected to Malay customs.

For all those who are unsure about the value of practices my advice is that it could be easier to obey the seniors’ information for peace’s interest even though you might feel uncomfortable. Then there’ll always be about what’s going to happen if we don’t comply, this uncertainty.