My name is Jennifer. I am in my mid-30′s, and I used OV-Watch to conceive my daughter (pictured), who is now 5 years old. I spent hundreds of dollars on urine sticks and the fertility monitor only to end up disappointed and frustrated month after month. When I first saw OV-Watch, I was very skeptical. How could this watch help me get pregnant when all of the other things that I had tried had done nothing? So, you can imagine my surprise when the first month that I used OV-Watch I got pregnant! It turns out that this is definitely more than just a watch! So many of my girlfriends have since, too, used the the OV-Watch to get pregnant, and they thank me constantly for introducing them to it.

While not everyone will get pregnant the first month using OV-Watch, Fertility Specialists say that with proper timing of intercourse during your fertile window, you can reduce the average time to conceive from 6 months to 1 month. This statistic holds true for many of our OV-Watch customers. Read a small sample of their success stories at Success Stories.