Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually on here telling “MY” story… I’m still in shock myself. Here it goes… My husband and I have been trying to concieve for about 31/2 years. My periods were off usually between 21-36 days apart, so pointing out actual “FERTILE” days was obviously our problem. I was so discuraged by how long it was taking, that my husband bought me this watch… Sure a great support system.. At first I was very sceptical… ” a watch will tell me how to get pregnant?” I had already been using the LH tests and monitors all this time, so what made this so different? Well, I can tell you this much…. I don’t doubt it one bit any more.. I’m telling you, I’m still in shock sense I just got the digital response about 3 hours ago saying “PREGNANT”. We were only using the watch for 2 months… It made every thing so much easier, and when compaired to the LH tests, the watch detected my fertility three days before the LH tests did. I truely feel that the three days sooner made the difference… No stress, no worries, no mess, and here I am telling you that it definately works… And to think… My OBGYN wanted to but me on clomid like it had some thing to do with me… She even laughed at my watch when I mentioned wanting to use it… Welll “HA”! I’m pregnant, I’m Pregnant!!!!!