My husband and I first started trying to conceive around October 2004. We went to see a fertility specialist right away because I was 38 and had never had regular menstrual cycles. I anticipated conception to be a problem for me, so I was trying to be proactive. I had a whole workup and was told that I had lots of egg follicles for someone of my age. The doctor had suggested using clomid initially. Before we began the clomid I was using the First Response ovulation indicator sticks. I found them very difficult to use especially for someone like me who wasn’t sure when I ovulated or how long my cycle was. I could never tell if the line had changed colors. I took clomid for four cycles and it didn’t work.They did an HSG on me to make sure there were no blockages. Everything checked out. Then I decided to see a holistic doctor who told me my progeterone was all out of whack. He gave me some natural progesterone cream to use and something called chaste tree to take in order to get me on track. What that did for me was stabilize my hormone levels so I finally started getting a period every 32 days. I ended up getting pregnant on my own in August 2005 after 11 months of trying. Unfortunately this wasn’t a viable pregnancy and I found out I was miscarrying the end of September 2005. I was very upset. I had a D&C in October 2005 and started trying again as soon as I was given the o.k. from the doctor. I wasn’t successful. I didn’t know it until I used the OV watch, but I ovulated much later than I thought I did. I was using every method to try to figure out when I ovulated. I bought a book and read up on how to track my mucous levels to try to figure out my fertile days and nothing was working. I was at the point where I was going to give up trying on my own and start IVF since I was 39 years old. My husband and I had seen the OV watch on an infomercial. I went on the Internet and read about the OV Watch. My husband urged me to order it and give it a try before we spent all this money on IVF. I had to have it Fedexed because I would have missed the opportunity to start using it that month since it had to be put on before day 3 of my cycle. I was very skeptical about the accuracy of the OV Watch. I know the website infomercial cited all these success stories, but I didn’t know how a watch was going to be able to tell me what my fertile days were. I even called the customer service line once I had started wearing the watch because I thought the watch wasn’t working. I was on day 16 of my cycle and the reading hadn’t changed. I thought for sure I would have ovulated already and I thought the watch was broken. What I found out is I ovulate late in my cycle and have a very short luteal phase. The watch changed the next day after I had made the phone call. I got pregnant with the OV Watch after the first cycle of wearing the watch. I have recommended the OV watch to several friends who are in the same predicament that I was in. I would certainly use the OV Watch again when trying for my second child. I am proud to say that the OV Watch is repsonsible for my beautiful healthy son Hudson Blake who was born on November 21, 2006.