Our story begins three years ago when we were so excited to learn that we were expecting. Unfortanatly, that pregnacy ended very early at eight weeks. After two weeks of knowing about the pregnacy, we were divestaed when it had ended before we even got a chance to enjoy it. We seeked answers and guidence from our OB/GYN but found out very quickly that she was not going to put forth the effort and time to try to help us find out what had went wrong. Her answer was that it happens to more couples then what we realize, and there really isn’t need for concern unless it would occur again. My husband and I were very shocked and very upset that she seemed to take our concerns and situation lighlty. After our visit, I decided that I was not going to sit back and possibly let it happen again before trying to find out why it happened the first time. I then took some of my families advise and went to a OB/GYN that they had went to and trusted. To my suprise, my first visit consisted of blood test to check for hormonal abnormalities, as well as other things, and a quick second appointment for an ultrasound. By my next appoinment date I was shocked to find out that she had potentaily found the problem. She told my husband and I that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I was very glad that she had taken the time and effort to diagnois my condition, but as she explained what happens when having PCOS and what I could expect, I became worried that I would never be able to have a child of my own. She reassured me that whith treatment, we stood a good chance of concieving. That day I started Metiformin and after several months my body adjusted to the mediation, and I started noticing that my periods were more regular and less painful. After doing some healing both mentaly and physicaly, we decided to start trying again. After a few months with no sucess, our OB/GYN wanted us to track my ovulation using ovulating tests. It wasn’t long before I realized that was going to be easier said than done. I could never read the lines correctly. Was the test line darker than the reference line or not? I did this for two monts and became so frustrated that I threw it all away. Looking for an easier way, I decided to go online and look at other options. That is when I stumbled on to the OV Watch and was very skeptical about it’s claims. At our next appointment I asked our OB/GYN about the watch and wanted to know if she had known anyone to have sucess using it. She said that she had heard of it but didn’t know to much about it. She would have to do some research about it but in the meantime she wanted to us to keep trying to use the ovulation predictors to track my ovulation and again I set up another appointment for a future date. Although she was doing all she could to help us get pregnant, after a month of using the sticks I again gave up on trying to read them. After a few more months of disappointment I decided to take the chance on the OV Watch and order it. By the time I had recieved the watch I had done so much research about it that I was confident that it would work, but my husband was a bit more skeptical. How could a product that increased odds that much not be known by all OB/GYNs? I too was suprised, but what did we have to lose? The cost of the watch was a small price to pay for the joy we would have if it worked. I am beyond happy to say that our first month of using the watch was a sucess. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! Our first prenatal visit is the first of November where I will be telling everyboby in the OB/GYN office, including the Doctors, about the watch.