Lea – White Plains, NY

After a lifetime of irregular periods at the age of 31, newly married my husband and I decided we wanted to try and start a family. After a year of trying on our own I was diagnosed with PCOS and referred to see a fertility specialist. Another year passed and we had been through all sorts of drugs, tests, three rounds of IUI, etc. and still, NO LUCK. I hated the way all the different drugs made me feel and I was concerned of the effects they would have on my body in the long run. Cancer runs in my side of the family and it has always been a concern of mine. Another year passed with my husband and I trying on our own and we were just starting to consider our options of In-Vitro, adoption &/or serrogate. I had seen ads for this watch contantly on websites and of course was very very sceptical. So – I decided i’d treat myself for Christmas and buy the watch. I figured we’d tried everything else – why not this. It couldn’t hurt. And what’s the big deal – if anything we’d loose a couple hundred. In the long run if we’d do invitro or adoption – it would just be another cost. So – December and January passed with NO period (due to the PCOS) Then in February I got my period and started wearing the watch. Again – i was very sceptical but was determined to try anything. So – the days passed and the watch read NF – non fertile. Until one day it read – Fertile Day 1, then 2 then 3 and so on. We arranged our schedules and made sure to follow all the instructions. I am happy to say that my husband and I are now five weeks pregnant. THE WATCH WORKS!!!!!!! I am not the type of person to express myself like this – especially over the internet BUT – this is a very extreme case and I have to say to anyone that is in a situation that they are trying to decide on whether or not to at least TRY the watch – DO IT!!!! Like I said earlier – what’s the worst that could happen – you’re out a little bit of money. My older sister has been trying for over 9 years and has been through a lot more procedures and issues than I have been. I have now passed the watch on to her with the hopes that she at least tries it to see what it can do. I’ll keep you posted on her. Until then – Good Luck – and Don’t give up hope.