I would love the opportunity to tell you about our story. My husband and I started to try to conceive about two and half years ago. After a few months of no results, we started using ovulation predictor kits. Before we new it, a year had flown by and still no baby. I was put on Clomid and still no baby. We tried multiple IUI treatments and had one fresh IVF treatment and still nothing. Throughout all of our treatments, no one could explain to me why I was unable to conceive. The doctors had diagnosed me with unexplained infertility. After thousands and thousands of dollars, we had almost given up when we saw an ad for the OV Watch in Conceive Magazine. We thought about not wasting any more money on trying to have a baby, but my husband convinced me to just try it. We started seeing an acupuncturist and using the OV Watch and in just ONE cycle we conceived!! I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and everything is going well so far. I want everyone to know how great the OV-Watch is and how it really changed our lives! Thank you for such a wonderful product……. that actually works.

Sincerely, Stephanie