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"After using the OV watch for about 6 cycles, I became pregnant." from Raleigh, NC

We had been trying to get pregnant for the past two years. Since this would be my last time to become pregnant (I'm 38 now), I decided to try the OV watch since the second time around was much harder than the first. After using the OV watch for about 6 cycles, I became pregnant. Thank you OV watch for helping me predict my fertile days!

"It took us 4 cycles to conceive via the Shettles method and I'm happy to report that I recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl."

Our story is a bit different. We already had 2 boys and thought that a little girl would add a nice balance to our family. After quite a bit of research I found that practicing the Shettles method would give us the best chance of conceiving a girl but the timing would be a bit challenging. I researched the internet and found the OV-Watch. I was a bit skeptical however after reading the success stories I was convinced that this would work for us. It took us 4 cycles to conceive via the Shettles method and I'm happy to report that I recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I am convinced that we wouldn't have been able to track the "right" girl conception time without this watch. Thank you!!

"Trying to get pregnant for exactly two years" from Southern New Jersey

Trying to get pregnant for exactly two years. Husband has diabetes which has compromised his sperm count/quality. Used OV predictor kits month after month. Tried herbal supplements for me and for him. Started with fertility treatments..clomid and three months of unsuccessful IUI procedures. Decided to take the summer off and try on our own again. Then in the fall we would do IVF (which insurance does not cover) Decided we had nothing to lose by trying the OV watch. By the second month I was pregnant and we are due in March. We are so shocked and thrilled. Could not believe this actually happened for us. It was amazing. It can happen and the watch does work!!! Good luck to you all.

"I was skeptical at first...." from Atlanta, GA

After ttc for 7 months I decided to get the OV watch. I used the watch for 1 cycle and tested positive this morning! I purchased 4 months of sensors so I will definetely use the watch for the next pregnancy(s). This watch really works. I was skeptical at first because of the price but I am so glad I purchased it. This will be our first child.

"If you have been stressed or anxious regarding your fertility, the OV Watch is a perfect way to relax, learn more about your body and cycle and enjoy" from Pennsylvania

I bought the OV Watch after I had been off of birth control for over a year and no baby. I turned 27 this year and thought that within a year pregnancy would just happen - how hard could it be? Well, after a year passed I started to get nervous and that's when I began researching our options. I really did not understand my cycle and thought that I was irregular. I didn't realize that women could have cycles longer than 28 days and could still be "regular". I didn't have a clue as to how long my cycle was or when I would ovulate, so I didn't feel comfortable investing in an ovulation kit that required me to guess when I should urinate on a stick. I was very excited when I found the OV Watch! I got the watch and programmed it on the 1st day of my period. I set the cycle to the longest possible - 39 days. On day 16 I woke up to the most exciting words I had seen in a while - Fertile Day 1!! Yippee - I wasn't broken!! I wasn't sure how often we needed to have sex and there weren't really any suggestions on the OV Watch site. We had intercourse every other day in the Fertile Days and on each day of OV (Ovulation). To my surprise, on September 12 the + sign showed on a pregnancy test! We are due in May and could not be more excited or relieved! I have 2 extra sensors - I expected it would take a few months! If you have been stressed or anxious regarding your fertility, the OV Watch is a perfect way to relax, learn more about your body and cycle and enjoy making a baby. I considered it a less expensive 1st step than going to see a Fertility Specialist. I knew that it might be necessary, but wanted to try on my own once more and I figured the OV Watch gave me that opportunity. It's worth the money - it's small, comfortable and accurate! GOOD LUCK and happy baby making!!

"First month!!!!!!" from Clarksville, TN

After several months of irregular cycles and temping, I decided to buy the ov watch along with fertilaid. The first cycle I had under 40 days, I strapped on the watch. I wore the watch as directed the first month, anxiously testing it every night to make sure I was getting a reading. Finally, I got a fertile reading. A few days after I got a fertile reading I took a break from temping. We baby danced fertile days 1 through 4 & I waited anxiously for next few weeks. I tested the day my period was due, negative. I tested again a week later, still negative. After conceding for the month, I made an appointment to see my doctor about my irregular cycles and started charting again. I was prescribed clomid & and my Husband had to do a semen analysis. We were going to have to wait for the results of the semen analysis and starting a new cycle before I could start the clomid. The last few days I have been feeling funny and my bbt was unusually high. My husband went for his SA yesterday. Just for the heck of it I took a test this morning. BFP!!! We just found out Im about 7 weeks with the first month using the watch!!!!

"Please Please do yourself a favor and get this product" from New York

Why suffer the stress of trying to conceive??? I am 42 yrs old, very young and active but 42 nontheless. After getting married in June 07 we started trying to conceive. We both found the guessing of ovulation to be quite stressful, even when charting and taking temps. After 4 months we conceived. But baby heartbeat stopped at 8 weeks 5 days. At my next doctor visit I picked up a Conceive magazine. I saw the ad for OV watch, read about it and ordered it that day. I decided at my age, I did not want to prolong the stress of concepetion any longer than necessary. I got pregnant on the second try. And i think the only reason it was not the first was because my uterus was still healing from the d&c. So simple. I am now 19 weeks and baby girl is healthy and moving about. Please Please do yourself a favor and get this product

"We tried the ovulation sticks for several months which was basically a daily guessing game" from North Carolina

My husband and I tried getting pregnant for 2 years. We tried the ovulation sticks for several months which was basically a daily guessing game. I was doing some research on the internet when I came across the OV Watch website and decided to try it. We got pregnant in the 4th month of trying with the OV Watch. We had our daughter in April 2008. Thank you OV Watch.

"So this just shows you to not necessarily listen to your Dr and go with your gut instinct." from Michigan

This watch really works! Wow! Let me tell you a little bit about me. My husband and I have been TTC for about 9 months with no luck... went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with PCOS. I am also not the "typical pcos woman" I was not over-weight, no acne, and no facial hair, I just had polycycstic ovaries. I was told that my chances were diminshed because of this but that many people would still eventually get pregnant and to not lose hope. I was put on clomid on month 13. I took 100 mg on cd 4-8 and went in for my ultrasound on cd 13 and the dr said I still have lots of cysts on the right but on my left I had one follicle... ONE!!! That was 12-13mm follicle and she said I hate to say it but you want it to be a 18-20mm follicle by this time so you probably wont ovulate. I left upset and she gave me a prescription for a higher dosage... 150 mg! For some reason I just didnt want to believe her. I read on the internet that the follicle gros 1-2mm a day so I kept home. I wore my watch at night starting on day 1 and on day 15 I had a reading on my watch that said fetile day 1...... I couldnt believe it! so we did the deed every other day starting on fertile day 2, fertile day 4, and then Ovulation day... I had one OPK left and took it at night and it came up positive cd 20 which matched with the watch! I couldnt believe it! I was also praying lots as well :) Well about 7 DPO I started cramping like AF was coming but she never showed. I cramped for 3-4 straight and knew something was up. I asked me boss to leave work and went to Target and bought a test and sure enough it came up positive right away! So this just shows you to not necessarily listen to your Dr and go with your gut instinct. I was also getting accupuncture done but I truly believe it was because of the watch and it telling us when I was fertile. Good luck, I only needed to use one sensor!! IT works!!!!!!!

"Pregnant after 7 Years of trying....." from Frankfurt, Germany

Pregnant after 7 Years of trying...... Dear OV Watch people, I hope you will print this success story, since I beleave it will help other women like the other stories helped me. I am married now for over 7 Years and 6 months pregnant with a baby boy. About a year ago my hubby and I were vacationing in Florida and found an ad on this watch in "conceive" until this point we were hoping to get pregnant for 6 Years already went to different fertalitiy doctors who did 6 IUIs (insaminations), 1 ICSI , and 2 Kryos. But nothing seemd to work... the doctors did not know what was wrong with us .. I am healthy and my hubby has low sperm count and motility but still... ICSI should have worked.... when we saw that advertisement I thougth we have to try this... about a half year later we bought the watch and tried it an a different vacation, but it did not work the first time due to all the time difference and jet lag... but the second time was a winner ..... I am proud to say I AM PREGNANT and wanted to thank you the inventors of OV WATCH. Without you this would have not been possible. God bless you , Aniko