How effective will the OV-Watch®, ovulation predictor, be for me?

It is important to remember that there are no ovulation predictor devices available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. However, by utilizing the advanced technology that OV-Watch® provides, you have advanced notice of ovulation and find your entire fertile window. Proper identification of your individual fertility window may shorten the time to conception from 6 months to one month for the majority of women (3 out of 4 women) 6,7. Intercourse on the fertile days that OV-Watch provides doubles your chances of conceiving as compared to LH testing.

The clinical trials for OV-Watch FDA 510K medical device clearance, conducted at Duke University and Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia, compared OV-Watch to the LH urine testing (since that was the only predicate device). The trial results concluded that OV-Watch is equivalent in predicting ovulation; however, this was only part of the results. Additionally, OV-Watch was shown to “provide the user with notice up to four days before ovulation during which the user may have the greatest chance of becoming pregnant”.

That is why the cumulative conception rate is almost double with OV-Watch. To put it simply, 66% more pregnancies are estimated to occur by month 6 with OV-Watch over LH kits.

Sandra Ann Carson, the President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine stated, “Although LH peaks accurately detect ovulation, they do not identify the pre-ovulatory fertile period. Up to two thirds of pregnancies are conceived at or prior to ovulation.” The OV-Watch is non-invasive and provides more notice for maximizing a couple’s chance of conceiving. This is in line with fertility experts’ current thoughts that to maximum one’s chance of conceiving, the sperm needs to be waiting for the egg (since sperm can live for up to 5 days in the genital tract and the unfertilized egg only lives for 12-17 hours5). OV-Watch’s ability to provide more notice also provides another distinct advantage: It lowers the stress level for a couple trying to conceive. Sometimes, that can make all the difference.

See OV-Watch success stories for more information from women who have used OV-Watch with success.

To better understand how OV-Watch ovulation predictor works, let us explain how all components function. OV-Watch consists of a wristwatch-like device that comprises a timepiece, a biochemical sensor, and an advanced microcomputer. The biochemical sensor measures sweat ion changes on the surface of the skin. The advanced microcomputer tracks your fertility status. All of these components together allow the watch to predict the days when a woman is most likely to get pregnant. The sensor on the underside of the watch makes contact with the skin when you wear the watch on your wrist. The sensor contains a non-allergenic gel that mixes with the light moisture that develops between the sensor and your skin. The gel facilitates the ionic interchange that enables OV-Watch® to predict your most fertile days of the month. This is how the OV-Watch® works as an advanced ovulation predictor. It is important not to misinform the sensor with water from a shower, water activity or the excessive sweat produced from exercising. Health Watch Systems recommends wearing the watch at night while sleeping.