“OV-Watch uses state of the art technology to accurately predict fertility, increasing a couples chance of pregnancy and shortening the time it takes to conceive. Unlike older methods of ovulation detection, which may be hard to interpret or only give 12 – 24 hours warning, OV-Watch reduces the stress of couples who are trying to expand their family, by identifying a 4 or 5 day fertility window where pregnancy is possible.”
Dr. G. Wright Bates
Reproductive Endocrinology
Director, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
University of Alabama School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL

This part of the site is dedicated to those in the medical profession. We will provide technical content and clinical data about the OV-Watch® with objective professional review.

To view the “Scientific Basis and Clinical Experience with OV-Watch” presentation by G. Wright Bates, Jr M.D. click here

If you would like to obtain information on OV-Watch® such as consumer brochures for your offices, a demonstration starter kit, professional informational or would like to speak with a company representative please see the contact information below.


OV-Watch® is now available for purchase anywhere in the United States through www.ovwatch.com, the web, or toll free number 866-OVWatch (689-2824).

We have a comprehensive customer care team to handle your patients questions about OV-Watch. Expertly trained, actual OV-Watch moms, are available to help your patients use OV-Watch and become successful themselves. They can be reached at 866-OVWatch (689-2824) from 10am-3pm EST.
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